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Which intercity routes in the UK
does NX FunFare serve?

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Low cost intercity bus companies in the UK:

NX FunFare routes around the UK

Map showing the FunFare low cost bus routes in the UK - click to bring up a detached copy of the map
A map showing the FunFare
low cost bus routes in the UK.

FunFare UK Low Cost Bus Service

National Express began operating its FunFare tariff in advance of the arrival of the UK's first no-frills bus services. NX FunFare covers more towns and cities in England than megabus but it does not have a Scottish network.

NX FunFare is currently the only low cost bus service which connects Newcastle to London. It is also the only low cost network to operate routes from Nottingham, Cambridge and Norwich to London and from Liverpool and Birmingham to Manchester.

How much does it cost
to travel on FunFare?

FunFare routes can only be booked in advance over the internet.

The cheapest FunFare singles are available online for £1 - a fraction cheaper than megabus because FunFare does not require a 50p booking fee. As the seats are booked, the price of available seats rises in small increments depending on the route.

More expensive FunFare singles to destinations in the south of England may be available for £2, £3 or £5 whereas if you miss out on the £1 seats on the London to Glasgow route, you may be looking at £5, £8 or even as much as £10-12 for the journey.

Which towns, cities and airports does FunFare serve?

The FunFare route guide below shows which towns and cities are linked to which hubs on the FunFare low cost bus network.

Which alternative low cost services operate along FunFare routes?

FunFare competes against megabus on more than half of its routes. It also faces competition from easyBus between Milton Keynes and London.

While it's always the case that the earlier you book, the likelier you are to find the cheapest ticket, at any given time one of the low cost coach companies may be offering an intercity fare one or two pounds cheaper than its rivals.

Click below for more information on the low cost alternatives to NX Funfare available on these routes:

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