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Which intercity routes in the UK
does easyBus serve?

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easyBus routes around the UK

Map showing the easyBus low cost bus routes in the UK - click to bring up a detached copy of the map
A map showing the easyBus
low cost bus routes in the UK.

easyBus English Low Cost Bus Service

The UK's second dedicated low cost bus service operates no-frills links between Baker Street / Gloucester Place in central London and Luton Airport.

Stelios has promised that once the service gets properly off the ground he will expand the network to connect towns and cities travelling northwards up the M1 corridor - though there is no sign yet that this will actually happen.

How much does it cost
to travel on easyBus?

You can either book an easyBus e-ticket in advance on the web or you can pay the driver a walk up fare. Note that if a walk up fare is paid on the bus, it must cover the exact amount - easyBus drivers do not carry change.

The cheapest easyBus seats are available online for £1. As the seats are booked, the price of available seats rises to £3, £4 and £5.

There is no luggage rack, so any luggage heavier than 5 kilos requires an additional seat booking.

Which towns, cities and airports does easyBus serve?

The easyBus route guide below shows which destinations are linked to which others via the easyBus low cost bus service.

Which alternative low cost services operate along easyBus routes?

There are two alternative shuttle services to Luton Airport which run from central London operated by NX Airport and Green line.

Green Line connects London and...

NX Airport connects London and...

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