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UK Northeast England and Yorkshire
Low Cost No Frills Airlines

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Low cost flights to and from the UK:
The NE England low cost airlines guide is a resource for
independent travellers looking for low cost, no-frills,
or cheap flights into and out of the Northeast of England

Which low cost airlines
serve Northeast England?

The following airlines provide low fare flights to and from the Northeast of England. Click on the name of each airline for full details on where that carrier flies.

Air Southwest UK Low Cost Airline

  • Air SW Routes |
  • About Air SW |
  • Air SW Fares

Air Wales Welsh Low Cost Airline

  • Air Wales Routes |
  • About Air Wales |
  • Air Wales Fares

bmi baby UK Low Cost Airline

  • bmi baby Routes |
  • About bmi baby |
  • bmi baby Fares

easyJet UK Low Cost Airline

  • easyJet Routes |
  • About easyJet |
  • easyJet Fares

EU Jet UK Low Cost Airline

  • EU Jet Routes |
  • About EU Jet |
  • EU Jet Fares

flybe UK Low Cost Airline

  • flybe Routes |
  • About flybe |
  • flybe Fares

Hapag Lloyd Express German Low Cost Airline

  • HLX Routes |
  • About HLX |
  • HLX Fares

Jet 2 UK Low Cost Airline

  • Jet 2 Routes |
  • About Jet 2 |
  • Jet 2 Fares

Ryanair European Low Cost Airline

  • Ryanair Routes |
  • About Ryanair |
  • Ryanair Fares

Snowflake Scandinavian Low Cost Airline

  • Snowflake Routes |
  • About Snowflake |
  • Snowflake Fares

Thomson Fly UK Low Cost Airline

  • TF Routes |
  • About Thomson Fly |
  • TF Fares
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