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Special Offers on Low Cost Airlines
in the Middle East and North Africa

No-frills airlines are still a relatively new phenomenon in the Middle East and North Africa region, so offers are unlikely to come in as thick and as fast as they do in Europe.

The special offers landscape is likely to heat up a little however once more European and Indian low cost airlines begin flying to the region to compete with the native budget airlines such as Air Arabia and Atlas Blue.

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Latest cheap flight special offers on Middle Eastern budget airlines:

Offers are the responsibility of the individual airline companies.
Visit the relevant carrier's website for full offer details - including small print.

Air Arabia offers special fares for the year end

[Wednesday, 1st December]   United Arab Emirates low cost carrier Air Arabia - the Middle East's first budget airline - is offering special fares throughout the month of December. The promotional fares apply to one-way flights to and from the airline's hub at Sharjah.

Air Arabia will offer the following one-way fares to and from Sharjah: to Muscat for AED 110, to Damman for AED 150, to Bahrain for AED 160, to Doha for AED 200, to Assiut, Beirut and Kuwait for AED 250, to Khartoum for AED 299, to Aleppo, Riyadh and Sana’a for AED 300, to Alexandria, Colombo and Damascus for for AED 320 and to Jeddah for AED 600.

All quoted special offer fares exclude taxes.

Promotion begins:   Wednesday, 1st December
Promotion ends:   Friday, 31st December
Travel Period:   December, 2004
Buy tickets from:   Air Arabia

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