Low Cost No Frills Airlines in the
Middle East (Index by Country)

Last Update: March 30th, 2008

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The comparison table below gives you the complete list of states in the Middle East, North Africa, the Eastern Mediterranean, Transcaucasia & Central Asia. It shows which low cost and low fare carriers serve each country - from Morocco on the Atlantic coast of North Africa to Afghanistan on the edge of South Asia.

You can find out at a glance:

  1. The complete list of Middle Eastern low cost destinations
  2. Which Middle East budget airlines fly to each country?
  3. Which budget airlines are based in each country?
  4. Which Asian & European countries can you fly to low cost?

If you need to see lists of destinations specific to each low cost carrier, try our Middle East & North Africa Low Cost Airlines by Airline comparison table.

Other low cost airline references (by country):

Which Low Cost Airlines fly to each Middle Eastern Country?

Click the the country or city-state you want to fly to or from to see which low cost airlines serve that country.
Click on each airline for more information about routes or go directly to the airline's website.
Bold airlines indicate a no-frills airline based in that country.

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