Low Cost No Frills Airlines in Europe
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Last Update: March 20th, 2006

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There are now so many budget airlines crossing Europe that viewing them all at once is enough to give you a headache. To make things easier, we have divided Europe into 16 regions which you can see below. Combined, the regions cover all the countries and islands served by European budget airlines.

For each region, you can find out at a glance:

  1. The European low cost destinations in that region
  2. Which European budget airlines fly to each country?
  3. Which budget airlines are based in each country?
  4. From where you can fly low cost to Turkey & North Africa

If you need to see lists of destinations specific to each low cost carrier, try our European Low Cost Airlines (by Airline) comparison table.

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Other low cost airline references (by country):

Which Low Cost Airlines fly to each European Region?

Click the first letter of the country or island you want to fly to or from to see which low cost airlines serve that country.
Click on each airline for more information about routes or go directly to the airline's website.
Bold airlines indicate a no-frills airline based in that country.

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Low fare routes to FSU Eastern Europe

The Former Soviet Union region of Eastern Europe is currently underserved by budget airlines and only Russia has any established low fare airlinks to western Europe at this time.

Nevertheless the Baltic low fare airlines Air Baltic and Estonian Air are expanding their flight networks eastwards to Belarus and Ukraine and it's only a matter of time before low cost networks based out of Poland like Sky Europe and Wizz Air join them. [ Go to index... ]

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