Low Cost No Frills Airlines in Europe:
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Last Update: September 22nd, 2008

The comparison table below shows you a range of information on more than 100 low cost and low fare airlines which fly to all European countries and islands and which also connect Europe to Turkey, North Africa and the Middle East.

You can find out at a glance:

  1. The complete list of European low cost & low fare airlines
  2. Which countries does each European budget airline fly to?
  3. Which European countries is each budget airline based out of?
  4. Which Middle Eastern low fare airlines also fly to Europe?

If you need to see lists of budget airlines categorised under each European
country or island, try our European Low Cost Airlines (by Region) index.

Other low cost airline references (by airline):

Complete List of European Low Cost Airlines

Click the name of the low cost airline you want to fly with to see which countries and islands that airline serves.
Click on any country listed beneath an airline for more information about routes - or go directly to the airline's website.
Bold countries in each country list indicate where each no-frills airline is based and from where it has the most connections.

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