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Where can I go surfing in Kyushu?

Alan Lansdowne is the editor of attitude Travel
Alan Lansdowne
is the editor of attitude Travel

The best surfing on Kyushu can probably be found along the coast of Miyazaki Prefecture on the south-east of the island.

Kagoshima Prefecture - which borders Miyazaki-ken - is less well-known but also has some good surf spots.

For an uncluttered map of Kyushu showing the prefectural borders, have a look at this Map of Kyushu from You'll see Miyazaki-ken running down most of the eastern coast of Kyushu and Kagoshima-ken located at the southern end of the island.

Not a great deal has been published in English about where to surf in Kagoshima, but there is a wealth of info on the more famous Miyazaki.

In his article, The Thrill of Surfing,
Japanese local, Arata Narita, writes:

The reason why I started surfing is that I came across a beautiful beach in Miyazaki, Japan. Miyazaki is one of the most famous spots for surfing in Japan. In summer time, many surfers visit Miyazaki from all over Japan or even from overseas.

The website has numerous resources for Miyazaki surfers including Surf Break Tables for the Miyazaki coastline compiled by Matt Lindsay & Yoko Kohara and three surf maps showing the Miyazaki-ken coast line from:
1) Saikouji south to Kawaminami,
2) Miyazaki Jingu south to Aoshima and
3) Odoutsu south to Uchiumi.

Finally, Jeff, the author of the Western Japan surf guide at writes:

The main thing I know about Kyushu is that the ramen is excellent but... there are a lot of good breaks near Miyazaki City, and in the Nichinan and Osumi areas.

For more excellent information on surfing in Kyushu and elsewhere in Japan I would highly recommend Surfing

Alan Lansdowne, London, February 2003

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Where can I go surfing in Kyushu?
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