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Trevi Fountain - click for more travel photos from Italy
Trevi Fountain
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Trevi Fountain - click for more travel photos from Italy
Trevi Fountain
(more travel photos...)

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Italy is home to such a staggering amount of monumentally significant culture and history, it's a little difficult to get your head around it.

Map of Italy
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In two and a half thousand years, three great cultural waves - the Roman Empire, the Catholic Church and the Renaissance - have swept out of Italy to reform the outlook of European peoples.

So fair to assume that even half a lifetime of travel and exploration on this Mediterranean peninsula, would scarcely be enough to uncover all the country has to offer.

Like Greece, the Aegean coast of Turkey and the Dalmatian coast of Croatia, Italy is something of a vast open-air museum with thousands of ruins from classical antiquity.

But essentially, that's only an early historical sideshow to later architectural and civic triumphs: Byzantine temples, mediaeval castles, gothic churches... the foundation of the Republics of Venice, Florence, Genoa... Rennaisance art and architecture... and the scientific and cultural legacies of Galileo, da Vinci, Botticelli, Michelangelo, Dante, Macchiavelli, Verde, Puccini and a seemingly endless list of other Italian illuminaries.

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The island of Ischia
© Sandro Buono, Ischia, March 2003
(from an original piece by Geppino Salemme
& Franco Longobardo)

The most beautiful and largest island in the Gulf of Naples, Ischia is one of the most famous coastal spas of Italy. The ancient Romans called it Pitecusae Aenaria Inarime Arime Iscla.

Today, the island of Ischia is renowned for its unparallelled natural beauty, for its mild climate all year round and its thermal waters.

Lonely Planet Italy
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Approaching the island across the sea from the mainland, Ischia rises from the water like a vision - as though it were a large vessel adorned for a feast, where the sides, decks, portholes, shrouds, masts and other accoutrements are all decorated in green.

Even the peaks of the smallest rocks along the coastline are covered in rich vegetation. Ischia's verdure can even be found in the stones - for example, the famous green tufa found in the Forio area, whose stones make up the beautiful and unique parracine (dry stone walls) which punctuate the vineyards' thick green expanses.

The greenery does not hide the natural beauty of the lay of the land. Ischia has a very varied landscape, including mountains, isolated hills, majestic promontories, slopes, plains, and brows of hills, all of which can easily be seen from the magnificent terrace of the soccorso in Forio from which the incredible beauty of   [ article continues... ]

Sandro & Raffaele Buono, represent Ischia's Hotel Europa, providing hospitality and organised trips to the island's vineyards, wine cellars and marine surroundings.

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The island of Ischia
Article by Sandro Buono
(from an original piece by Geppino Salemme
& Franco Longobardo)

© 1997-2003 attitude Travel
r o u n i n     m e d i a   publication

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Island of Ischia
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