How to access the AIM Network...

I don't know anything about AIM... how do I enter the chatroom?

You'll need to complete two simple steps, outlined below, which will take about five minutes:

1) Register a username, otherwise known as an AIM ScreenName, or AIM sn.
2) Download the free software to enter the chatroom.

AIM stands for AOL Instant Messenger... do I need to be an AOL member as well?

No, you don't need to be an AOL member - AIM is a free service and essentially separate from AOL.

How do I set up a screen name?

Don't worry, it's fairly painless. You can fill in a simple form to register a screen name here. The form doesn't ask for any personal details and it takes about one minute to fill out.

Okay, I have a screen name now - what software do I need?

You can either download the free AIM desktop client to your desktop or else, if you are not using your home computer, you can use the online AIM Express version instead.

Now you can enter your screen name & password and log on to the AIM network.

I'm logged in to AIM under my username. What do I need to do now?

Click on the Chat button, type your own screen name into the Invite Box at the top and replace the words in the Chat Room box at the bottom with the words:

Travel Tips Chat

The content of the Invitation Message box in the middle doesn't matter, because you are sending the invitation to yourself.

Is that it?

Yes. Once you click the Send button, you will be transported to the Travel Tips Chat chatroom.

- Close this window -

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